Shumba was born and raised in Lusaka, Zambia South-Central Africa. He recently appeared in Marvel Studios Black Panther as well as the upcoming Infinity Wars I & II. He has appeared on Broadway in Dancing with God and as Mufasa in the Tony Award winning musical the Lion King. His television appearances include the latest revival of Macgyver and Star both on CBS.

Shumba and his brother founded a 501c3 foundation called TUSO to partner with people in the United States to dig water wells and provide mosquito nets to underprivileged communities in Africa.


Warrior and dialect coach for Marvel Studios Black Panther and Infinity Wars I & II. Shumba was originally cast to play a Border Tribe warrior in Black Panther, an army of loyal warriors who protected Wakanda. However, being the only person on set from Southern Africa, he assisted the cast in dialect coaching as well. 

Shumba played a sniper out to get MacGyver in the newest installment of the MacGyver series on CBS.

In the award-winning Broadway musical the Lion King Shumba played Mufasa.